Cosmos, Visionary Art and Future Fashion Show, Super Wonder Gallery, May 4th,  Toronto

Up w Art Homeless Fundraiser and Arty Party, Museam London, April 27th 2019

Good Vibes Only, Festival. London On, April 20, 21st 2019

Cactus Gallery "Cats" March 2019

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 Past EXHIBITIONS and Publications


Dollirium Art Doll Emporium- "The Home Grown Doll Show" London- 2013

The Evac- "SIX" London- 2014

Westland Art Gallery- "Square Foot Show" London- 2014

The Art Exchange- Front Window Display, London-2014

The Inkery Tattoo Shop and Art Gallery- "Grand Opening"- London- 2014

Latitude 44 Gallery-  "First Anunal One of a kind Art Doll Show" Toronto- 2014

The London Regional Cancer Center- Permanent Installation- 2014

Cactus Gallery- Art Show- Dollmakers III Exhibit- Los Angeles- 2014 Green Eyed Gator- New Orleans- 2014- 2015

Latitude 44 Gallery "Summer Solstice" 2015 Toronto

UPwithArt-UnityProject for the Homeless London Ontario 2015

Most Wanted Fine Art- DOLLirious-Art of the Doll- Pittsburgh 2015

Westland Gallery Square Foot Show London Ontario 2015

Cactus Gallery, All Dolled Up, Annual Art Doll Show - Los Angeles Oct - 2015

Penumbra Gallery and Boutique, Genesis - Portugal- 2016

Westland Gallery- The Preview Show- London Ontario - 2016

Westland Gallery- Textures - London Ontario - 2016

Featured on the Front Cover of the London Yodeller - 2016

Published in the London Free Press- 2016

UpwithArt, Fundraiser for the Homeless Arty Party- 2016

Westland Gallery Square Foot Show - 2016

Cactus Gallery Art Doll Show- 2016

Peoples Choice, Featured Artist, Published Art Doll, Calendar Recipient


Museum London- London

The Macintosh Gallery- London

The Art Lab- London

The Palace Gallery- "Moi, Moi"-London

A member and represented by the Canadian Alternative Arts Collective - 2014 to Present

We are currently exhibiting Simone Young Art Dolls at the very fabulous.... enchanting, magical....

The Green Eyed Gator Art Gallery in New Orleans!

Just in time for Christmas! Oh My! oh Hello Ms New Orleans.... we LOVE you!

Simone Young Art Dolls where honored to have the privilege of being featured in the entire the front window, full installation, as part of the Group Art Show "SIX" at the EVAC, East Village Art Cooperative in London Ontario summer

Thrilled to be invited back to Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles California for the 3d year in a row, The Annual Art Doll Show. 2014, 2015 and 2016

Featured in both Spring and Summer Editions of ART DOLL QUARTERLY MAGAZINE  2014

 Showcased at Latitudes 44 Gallery, Toronto, First Annual One of  a Kind ART DOLL SHOW, Summer, (yup, that's me standing with the super talented Art Doll Artist, Michelle De Pinto.)  Oh what a night!