Simone Young Art

Starting my artistic journey from my earliest memory and has been a life long dream to pursue the path of the Artist. This deeply passionate desire in myself to spend my days creating art, sharing my visions and imagination has manifested in my current path as full time artist and creator.


During this unprecedented time in history, I feel that it has never been a more important time to be a artist. I, as single piece of the whole, reflecting my unique creative expression, within the whole galactic cosmos, I desire explore the inner mechanism of my creative consciousness, and how that reflects back onto society, the global direction of humanity and the exploration of universe.


 I’ve been blessed enough to have participated in many art projects, with my most recent passion project being the Vision Train for which I am a conductor, a active live painter, as well as a active commUNITY member among hundreds of incredible Visionary Artists from around the world, created by world renown artist Amanda Sage. I am also blessed to be a Art Nunz, a project created by Carrie Ann Baade. I have exhibited extensively throughout the US, Canada and also have shown in Europe, as well a being published in numerous magazines and publications. September 2020, I live Painted at Burning Man, Sparkle Verse, on the Mushroom Stage created by Android Jones invited by Amanda Sage and the Vision Train crew. December 2020 I live painted at TOPIA a virtual world created by Design Science Salon as a guest of Amanda Sage. If you would like to find out more about purchasing my art or bookings, please reach out. Gratitude.